Is therapy anartha-nivrtti?

January 1, 2008

The following discussion is a little bit esoteric and is aimed primarily (though not exclusively) at members of ISKCON (the International Society for Krishna consciousness). This discussion may not be of interest to those suffering the effects of trauma and who are seeking assistance in returning to health. Read the rest of this entry »


Low batteries!

August 18, 2007


Since June I haven’t written any posts on the blog. Unfortunately, I’ve been struggling a bit with keeping up with my course work (I’m studying craniosacral therapy in London) and as a result my energy levels are a bit on the low side. It’s getting better now, so I hope to be able to put my energies into things other than anatomy, physiolgy, and the like…

If anyone has any suggestions for topics, or have questions, that they’d like to hear something on, then that would also help. When I’m tired I find it hard to think in a straight line…! 🙂

Contemplation on the Breath of Life

June 21, 2007


Throughout Creation
The Breath of Life flows,
A cosmic wind,
An ocean of Presence.

It shows me the way,
The way to health,
The road to the wealth
That is Life itself.

This Breath of Life
Is within and without,
It moves me and grooves me,
Makes me and shapes me.

Without its succor,
And invigorating strength,
I am nothing
But dust to dust.

My brother-bird, my cousin-tree,
Everyone, every creature, everything
Is contained, maintained, and sustained
By the Breath of Life.

How much I need it,
Yet how little I heed it,
How easily I take it from others
My cousin-brothers.

Tears of guilt,
And tears of shame
Wet my face,
Will they ever dry,
Or will I forever cry?

Shatters my heart,
I have taken life,
The Breath of Life
From my cousin-brothers.

Nobody told me,
Nobody cared,
Nobody shared with me
That in killing others
I would kill myself.

I am atma-ha,
The “killer of the soul”.

Yet the Breath of Life
Still maintains and sustains me,
Dresses and caresses me
In its gentle embrace.

In that Breath of Life
I feel the presence of my Lord,
My sweet Lord,
My life and soul.

I feel His hands
Lifting me up,
Supporting my frame,
Releasing my shame.

He shows me the way,
The way to real health,
The way to real wealth,
By chanting His names
I can make amends
And cleanse my soul.

He strokes my face,
Steadies my heart,
“You are My child.
Never forget it.
Stand up and be free.
Stand up to eternity.”

Branching out

June 21, 2007


I thought that I could branch out a little and add another category here for some new material. Recently I got into writing poems and hope everyone doesn’t mind if I indulge myself a little.

The first offering is the next post…


May 14, 2007

Reframes (discussing the issue in a new light to see what positive aspects are there for a desired, but blocked, course of action) are much easier to use after tapping on the negative stuff. EFT produces profound cognition changes and effective reframes merely plug into the client’s new beliefs.

PoP 9: Our Antenna

May 14, 2007


Our Antenna brings to our awareness information which is important. Affirmations, goals, and daydreaming serve to orient our Antenna so that we can “tune in” to aspects of our newly forming reality. The Antenna is really important as a Palace tool because it finds for us how to accomplish our goals. This is important for those who think that they first have to figure out “how to” part before they pursue a goal at all. But you must keep using the tools of affirmations and daydreaming in order to put your Antenna to work. You must not get off your track.

“The way to do whatever we want to do already exists. We just need to tune into it.”

PoP 8: Daydreaming

May 14, 2007


The purposeful use of daydreaming is a powerful means of moving freely through the Palace of Possibilities. When combined with affirmations, goals, and EFT, daydreams become magnets that draw us ever forward into the possibilities of our future.

The power of daydreams

a) The brain does not distinguish between what is real and what is vividly imagined.

b) This allows us to condition our minds with the purposeful use of daydreaming.

c) We can actually create experiences (as though they were real) that were not there before.

d) Dreams do not necessarily come true, but they can take us in new directions.

If you want to create a “new you”, you can get there by vividly imagining it. That’s what daydreaming is all about. You vividly imagine yourself being the “new you”. Do you want to reach a new level? Imagine it first. Do you want to install a new health practice? Imagine it. Imagine the “new you” vividly and your brain will start taking you in that direction.

PoP 7: Goals

May 14, 2007


Forming goals: Try asking these questions…

1) What dreams did I have as a child that I have given up on?

2) What would I do if my success were guaranteed?

3) Who do I wish I could be like?

4) What would I like to do that I haven’t been able to do yet?

Achieving goals

1) State what we really want.

2) Break the goal down into:

a) Sub-goals

b) Strategies

c) Tasks

To get to your dream you can start by working on smaller steps that seem more “do-able” and build up from there. There’s always a way. Develop one goal at a time putting affirmations behind each one. Establish goals and link them to affirmations.

Avoid the “how”

Most people try to figure out how to achieve their goals before they begin conditioning their thoughts in that direction. Then, if they don’t find an acceptable “how”, they won’t bother doing the affirmations. Who wants to affirm something that will only lead them into an unacceptable “how?” So, for now, forget the how! For some this may seem a bit crazy, but I’ll discuss the whys in a future posting.


PoP 6: Will power

May 14, 2007


If I am honest, I would have to admit that I am a somewhat lazy person with only a modicum of will power… One of the reasons that I like EFT is that (not only is it effective and simple) it is also relatively easy to do.

I guess that’s also one of the reasons that I came to Krishna consciousness! Not only is Krishna consciousness highly effective in its ability to purify the heart, but it is also comparatively easy to do as well (at least when compared to other yoga processes…).

It’s not uncommon that if things are very difficult (or time-consuming) then it’s easy for us to become discouraged and just give up. Of course, as Srila Prabhupada often pointed out, Krishna consciousness is “simple for the simple”…

Albert Einstein once famously said that, “Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler!”

Anyway, on a similar note, Gary Craig (the founder of EFT) has this to say about willpower:

“A person cannot force themselves to improve their self-image through some form of will power. In my experience, this tends to thwart the natural flow of the process. If the tail-enders are out of the way and proper motivation is in place, action automatically follows. If they don’t improve naturally, then look for more tail-enders. Properly done, there should be no will power involved.”

PoP 5: Guidelines for constructing affirmations

May 14, 2007


1. You must affirm a want and not a should or “don’t want”.

2. You must believe your goal to be realistically possible.

3. Your goal must be a “stretch”. It must be big enough to be exciting.

4. The affirmations must be stated in the first person, present tense.

5. Augment affirmations with daydreams. Present tense daydreams are the most powerful tool for establishing new consistent thoughts.

6. Adjust affirmations from time to time to eliminate boredom. Aim them at different aspects of your goal.

7. Do not affirm the actions of other people. Use, “I attract others because I am a loving person,” not “John loves me”.

8. Keep them private. Announcing them to others might invite criticism and judgement.