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Sweet Abby

February 18, 2009






The following is a poem from my lovely cousin – she’s a social worker!

A woman knocked at the heavenly gate,
Her face was scarred and old.
She stood before the Man of Fate
For admission to the fold.
“What have you done,” Saint Peter asked,
“To gain admission here?”
“I’ve been a social worker, sir,
For many and many a year.”
The pearly gates swung open wide.
Saint Peter touched the bell.
“Come in and choose your harp,” he said.
“You’ve had your share of hell.”


Reality affirmation

February 17, 2009

Reality check




The following is one of my favorite affirmations, courtesy of the folks at re-evaluation co-counseling:

“Although I am completely incompetent and completely incapable of facing the challenges that reality places before me, unfortunately I happen to be the best person available!”

Inspiration dawns

January 3, 2009

The writer
The previous few posts were a burst of inspiration – poems long ago written, but only recently have I felt the courage to publish them. They are some of the musings I find myself in when confronted with life in all its glorious, riotous colours. I hope that any readers to this humble blog will find them thought provoking.


January 3, 2009

When you see a friend
Rushing towards an abyss
You call out!
You stop him!

But this perilous cliff
Is made of desire
For sex, drugs, and money,
That ol’ rock ‘n’ roll
For the soul.

You try to stop him,
To save his life,
His precious life
A human birth.

You try to stop him,
But he don’t understand.
He thinks
You just want to spoil
His fun,
His Russian roulette,
That ol’ rotting hole
For the soul.

The altar

January 3, 2009

I have sacrificed my life
On the altar of convenience.

Whatever I wanted
It had to be instant,
Too lazy to wait
Too busy to try,
I wanted
Fast food, fast music, fast sex.

Now it’s too late to change,
The quick hits
And slow traffic
Have shortened my life.

Death rears up,
He’s in my face,
Now there’s nowhere to go,
Couldn’t move if I tried.

I can no longer pretend
I didn’t comprehend
I was wasting my time
In fast food and worse wine.

Yet my friends still bleat
Over my dying breaths,
As if I’d treated myself
With a life of ease and debts,
They praise my determination
To waste every moment I had
In parties, cheap novels, and dull romance.

“Oh, how you sacrificed your life
On the altar of convenience!”


January 3, 2009

Love it or loath it,
Like it or not,
I need permission
For everything I do,
That dreadful word
Pervades my life,
That fearful word I hate:

Every moment, every day
I turn to my fellow man to say
“Is this the right bus?
Am I in the right place?
Should I follow the map
Or the nose on my face?”

But if I detract
And become “free” of my fellows
I am lost to my mind,
That most singular muse,
Who directs and rejects
On the basis of passion,
A dubious friend
Blown by the winds
Of fashion.

Who loses?

January 3, 2009

Who am I to think?
Who am I to ponder?
Is it true or not
That life continues yonder?

Does life really end at death
As the secularists claim?
Or will I find a new beginning
With the end of this mortal frame?

My opinion, your opinion
Who is really “right”?
Better make sure your horse comes in
That it really does end in eternal night.

Mind the gap

January 3, 2009

There is a gap
Between where I am
And where I want to be,
A chasm of intention
Bridged only by desire.

My only hope is time,
My only friend, resolve.

This great ravine
Like a burning desert
Stretches out beneath my feet,
My heart is soaring to cross over,
To reach the other side.

Who is there to help me?
Who is there to save me?

There is a gap,
A gap in my heart.

Contemplation on the Breath of Life

June 21, 2007


Throughout Creation
The Breath of Life flows,
A cosmic wind,
An ocean of Presence.

It shows me the way,
The way to health,
The road to the wealth
That is Life itself.

This Breath of Life
Is within and without,
It moves me and grooves me,
Makes me and shapes me.

Without its succor,
And invigorating strength,
I am nothing
But dust to dust.

My brother-bird, my cousin-tree,
Everyone, every creature, everything
Is contained, maintained, and sustained
By the Breath of Life.

How much I need it,
Yet how little I heed it,
How easily I take it from others
My cousin-brothers.

Tears of guilt,
And tears of shame
Wet my face,
Will they ever dry,
Or will I forever cry?

Shatters my heart,
I have taken life,
The Breath of Life
From my cousin-brothers.

Nobody told me,
Nobody cared,
Nobody shared with me
That in killing others
I would kill myself.

I am atma-ha,
The “killer of the soul”.

Yet the Breath of Life
Still maintains and sustains me,
Dresses and caresses me
In its gentle embrace.

In that Breath of Life
I feel the presence of my Lord,
My sweet Lord,
My life and soul.

I feel His hands
Lifting me up,
Supporting my frame,
Releasing my shame.

He shows me the way,
The way to real health,
The way to real wealth,
By chanting His names
I can make amends
And cleanse my soul.

He strokes my face,
Steadies my heart,
“You are My child.
Never forget it.
Stand up and be free.
Stand up to eternity.”

Branching out

June 21, 2007


I thought that I could branch out a little and add another category here for some new material. Recently I got into writing poems and hope everyone doesn’t mind if I indulge myself a little.

The first offering is the next post…