About us


Trained as a trauma therapist in the Somatic Experiencing model, Kancana-valli Dasi has been helping devotees for the past five years. She has also trained in Re-evaluation Co-counseling, mediation, Systemic Family Constellations, and EFT.

Kancana-valli was born in 1971 in Newcastle, England, and joined ISKCON in 1991. She has lived in various temples since then, including Newcastle, the Manor, Inis Rath, and Belfast.


2 Responses to “About us”

  1. rupamanjari Says:

    Dear Kancana-valli,
    I have a question about, what means Inis Rath in this writhing.?

    I am looking in your blog and find it very interesting, specially the way it looks like, very organized and in the mean time very sweet as well.

    Please, continue writhing it is such a nice preaching.

  2. kancana Says:

    Dear Rupa Manjari mataji,

    Inis Rath is the name of the island temple in Ireland called “Govindadvipa”.

    I am very happy that you like my blog. Once my life settles down a bit I would like to get back to it and write some more things.

    Ys Kancana-valli dd

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