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Contemplation on the Breath of Life

June 21, 2007


Throughout Creation
The Breath of Life flows,
A cosmic wind,
An ocean of Presence.

It shows me the way,
The way to health,
The road to the wealth
That is Life itself.

This Breath of Life
Is within and without,
It moves me and grooves me,
Makes me and shapes me.

Without its succor,
And invigorating strength,
I am nothing
But dust to dust.

My brother-bird, my cousin-tree,
Everyone, every creature, everything
Is contained, maintained, and sustained
By the Breath of Life.

How much I need it,
Yet how little I heed it,
How easily I take it from others
My cousin-brothers.

Tears of guilt,
And tears of shame
Wet my face,
Will they ever dry,
Or will I forever cry?

Shatters my heart,
I have taken life,
The Breath of Life
From my cousin-brothers.

Nobody told me,
Nobody cared,
Nobody shared with me
That in killing others
I would kill myself.

I am atma-ha,
The “killer of the soul”.

Yet the Breath of Life
Still maintains and sustains me,
Dresses and caresses me
In its gentle embrace.

In that Breath of Life
I feel the presence of my Lord,
My sweet Lord,
My life and soul.

I feel His hands
Lifting me up,
Supporting my frame,
Releasing my shame.

He shows me the way,
The way to real health,
The way to real wealth,
By chanting His names
I can make amends
And cleanse my soul.

He strokes my face,
Steadies my heart,
“You are My child.
Never forget it.
Stand up and be free.
Stand up to eternity.”


Branching out

June 21, 2007


I thought that I could branch out a little and add another category here for some new material. Recently I got into writing poems and hope everyone doesn’t mind if I indulge myself a little.

The first offering is the next post…